RAM and CPU are always a concern for Windows users with weak configurations. You usually won’t know when RAM and CPU are at risk, only when your computer is running slow or frozen. Today, TCN shares with you a small tool to play a sound when the machine is overloaded.

 Instructions to create red alerts when RAM and CPU are exceeded

 Step 1: Download the CPU Monitor and Alert tool in the link below.

Step 2: After the download is complete, click on the file cpu_alert_v4.5.exe to begin the installation.

Step 3: An installation window of the application will appear, click Next to install.

Note: It is advisable to turn off the open windows before installing.

Step 4: Open the software, then click File> Setup

Step 5: By default, the application will automatically set the alarm whenever the CPU and RAM exceed the 85% threshold. You can set another alarm for these two hardwares at the line:

  • CPU warning threshold (%): CPU alarm level when the limit is exceeded.
  • Memory warning threshold (%): RAM alarm level when the threshold is exceeded

Step 6: By default, the tool will automatically scan CPU and RAM after 5s. However, you can change the number of seconds in the Time interval for monitoring section.

Step 7: After completing the setup, select the Play warning sound every time the usage exceed the threshold limit, then click Save.

​ Close the Alert Settings dialog box. The alarm sound will be a siren. If you don’t like the sound, then click the 3-dot icon on the line Sound file name.

You can only select files with .wav extension. However, there are quite a lot of online tools on the internet that allow you to convert .wav to .mp3.

Click the Start button (red colour) to start the application, or Stop (green colour) if you want to stop the tool. Good luck!

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