AutoSaw testing system, using robots to serve the sawing

For many people, electric saws are scary things bringing horrifying images that cause mental disorders. However, saw plays an integral part in creating wooden objects. Currently, scientists at MIT’s Computer Science and Intelligence Lab (CSAIL) have developed an experimental system called AutoSaw, which uses robots to serve the sawing of wood.

Users begin using the computer and the existing OnShape CAD system to design basic models according to the type of items they want to build and manufacture. They can fine-tune that model at will and take dimensions or aesthetics into account. Once the design is complete, the program will create a list of all pieces of wood needed cutting. This list is then transmitted to the robots.

Guided by a motion-tracking system, two automatic rack systems the size of a small cell phone Kuka Youbots will pick up raw pieces of wood and carry them to the saw blade.

After all the wood has been cut, the computer guides users through the process of assembling them to create the finished product.

So far, AutoSaw has been used to build a table, with simulations showing it can be used to create chairs, small storage compartments, or boards.

Be one of the members in the Adriana Schulz team, a graduate student, said: “Our goal is to democratize furniture customization so that people can change the furniture they buy to be best suited to their needs.

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