Cheating at Scrabble Becoming WideSpread

Do You Cheat at Scrabble? Does it bother you so many people are Scrabble cheats? Some feel the level of Scrabble cheating has approached a level higher than ever before. They also worry it will lead to bad things in other areas in the future. Just consider some of these latest events world wide involving cheating at Scrabble.
If you do a search on any search engine for “cheat at Scrabble” you get more than 5 million results. Moreover, that is with 50% of the results being software to help you cheat at Scrabble. Is nothing sacred anymore.

Mattel, makers of the Scrabble board game are threatening legal action against Facebook. This because Facebook allows an app online, called Scrabulous, that helps software cheats win at Scrabble. Some feel this might be one face off that Facebook might back down on.

In Indonesia, school systems are refusing to let students bring cell phones to class because they feel software cheats that will help students cheat at Scrabble can be used to cheat in other classes at school. Even though iPhone apparently has no app to help players be a Scrabble cheat the school system in Jakarta considers banning iPhone usage on school grounds as well.

In Asia teachers and parents worry software cheats will seem to be acceptable. They feel allowing cheating at Scrabble, so publically, in an academic game will lead students to feel cheating on school work is also okay.

Perhaps the strangest occurrence was the accusation at the final round of play in the Scrabble World Championship, by a player from Thailand, that his opponent had hidden the letter G somewhere on his person. As both players had noticed the missing letter officials agreed to add a letter G to the bag. This reversed the expected outcome and the British opponent won by 1 point. The Thai player went so far as to demand his opponent be strip searched in the restroom. Later a player from the previous game at that table reported he found a letter G in his coat pocket on returning home.

Because I do not consider this the end of the world, but don’t condone it, I won’t put up links the some of the many Scrabble software programs available online. It’s certainly too easy to find on your own. I am interested in your feelings on this. Do you condone players using software cheats in Scrabble games? Is it not important enough to worry or comment about? What do you think?

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