Cosmo’s bicycle hat light will alert others when you fall

Biking at night can be dangerous, especially in busy urban areas. And if you fall on the road, it is also an unpredictable consequence. Therefore, startup Cosmo Connected is building a smart light behind your bike helmet.

Eight LEDs – four red, four yellow – are placed in an oval device. By default, the lights are set to “always-on” so others can see you clearly in the dark. A small accelerator built into the helmet will indicate when you are braking, and alert bicyclists, drivers and surrounding pedestrians with a stronger light.

Cosmo’s smart lights work with the companion app on your phone. Here, you can trigger the “emergency alert” to blink or generate left and right signals by pressing the screen or clicking on the optional remote control. It can also track your journey in advance and trigger automatic signals when turning over GPS tracking. Cosmo Connected said the accelerator built into the device would act as a detector, notifying friends and family in the event of an accident. All of these features are free, although an optional service (but it’s not clear if you have to pay for this) can also be set up to notify the emergency workers’ grant.

Cosmo Connected will launch in September for $ 60. It is a continuation of Cosmo Moto, a brake light that is connected to motorcyclists – the device that received funding on Kickstarter last November. This motorcycle helmet accessory has a similar set of features and comes in gloss black, white gloss, and matte black for $ 119.


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