How to activate Night Shift on iPhone and iPad

Night Shift is a handy feature for users who use the phone at night, added in iOS 9.3 update and higher versions by Apple. Night Shift switches your screen to a warmer colour band of the normal colour spectrum, calming the user’s eyes when looking at the device screen.

The purpose of this feature is to prevent blue light, reduce the influence of iOS screen light on your eyes and sleep. Therefore, Night Shift is an essential feature.

With Night Shift, Apple will detect your location and determine the right time to change the screen of your iOS device from a blue screen to a warmer yellow tone.

In particular, in the settings of Night Shift mode, you can easily customize whether to turn on or off this mode based on the real-time and location of the device, such as setting the schedule to turn on automatically from Sunset to Sunrise often sets a schedule to turn on at its own time.

Activate Night Shift mode on iPhone, iPad in Settings Settings

To activate Night Shift on iOS devices version 9.3 and above, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open the Settings app (Settings) on your iOS device, then select Screen & Brightness (Display & Brightness).

Step 2: Click Night Shift.

Step 3: Here, you can set this feature on or off manually or set a schedule to open automatically opening the device screen with warmer yellow tones. The options are as follows:

Scheduled: This option allows you to adjust and set the time for turning on and off Night Shift mode automatically.

Sunset to Sunrise: Automatically turn on Night Shift when it’s evening and turn it off the next morning.

Custom Scheduled: select the time frame on and off Night Shift as you like

Manually Enable Until Tomorrow: This option allows you to enable Night Shift manually.

Besides, you can adjust the colour, the yellow of the screen at the Color Temperature slider (Color Temperature), for Warmer (Warmer) or Cooler (Cooler) as you like.

Turn on Night Shift on iPhone and iPad in Control Center

Night Shift is easily enabled in the Control Center on iOS 9.3 and iOS 10.

Simply swipe from the bottom of the screen to open the Control Center, and the Night Shift button will be in the following position:

You just need to click on the Night Shift will be enabled according to the settings you have set in the phone’s Settings as the section on instructions.

And for higher iOS versions, like iOS 11, 12, 13 the dedicated button for Night Shift has disappeared on the Control Center. It is revealed that it “hidden” in the screen brightness button (vertical bar next to the volume control bar).

To turn on Night Shift with these versions, refer to the article: Night Shift feature “hidden” in the Control Center and this is how to “pull” it out.

It’s all about Night Shift! Through this article, hopefully, you will use this mode more often to keep your eyes healthy and minimize the difficulty of falling asleep during the current smartphone throne.


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