Temptation italian Cookbook iPhone Version Review

Well known for his innovations in Italian cuisines, the famous chef Bruno Serato has established himself as the owner of a very fine restaurant located in the southern part of California. Bruno has now expanded his cuisine business by releasing a new version of his Italian cooking manual, Temptations an Italian cookbook for the iPhone users. Temptation now has taken a new turn for the people who just do not want to take the huge cooking manual along with them. The new version of temptations will ease them from sore job of carrying the cooking manual of 360 pages. One can easily download the manual of temptations at a cost of just $6 approximately. You can download the manual from the official site link given below:


You can now entertain your guests and family members with the tasty Italian food which you can cook in your own kitchen by just reading the 360 pages Italian cookbook manual from your iphone. Each page will give you the pictures of the food with the autograph of the reputed cook Bruno. It also tells you how to present the food before a guest. Wow! That sounds to be great right. Once you get the manual you can have the high profile food at our home.

Temptations version of Iphone application is user friendly and compatible on any version of the Iphone. With modern technology, you can just read the manual where ever and whenever you wish to. Just make sure that you download the licensed version and meet other requirements like OS, if needed. A pirated version can cause damage to your Iphone.

With the Iphone version released in the market, Bruno assures that you cannot defy the temptations. An Italian foodie will not be able to stay away from getting this manual as this is Bruno’s magic of pulling the Italian foodie towards him with the kind of varieties in his food.

The main reason for Bruno’s turn into iphone version is the modern day technology. People have started looking for the easy way to work. The release of Iphone application has already created a buzz in the market.

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