Associate Degree : Boom of Economics and Engineering

Lately there are many who remember that the associate degree has lost its appeal and that much-needed ” bit of paper” does not do any longer! Well … not entirely true. At least according to a recent survey by UnionCamere and the Ministry of Labor that offers good news, at least as regards the graduates in Economics and Engineering. They are in fact currently the most sought after by businesses. The information, based along the planned recruitment made by the undertakings of agriculture, industry and services, and recorded by Excelsior Information System of Unioncamere and the Ministry of Labor, say clearly that for the current year, the economists will receive 18,800 hires (seasonal or not), while electronic engineers and Information about 8400.

The gap between economics and applied science is not so great, especially when you see all the addresses provided: address electronic information and, in fact, adding 5,300 jobs made available to industrial engineers, 3,200 to other addresses engineering and civic and environmental engineering at 1,500. Here are the graduates in the subjects of ‘ teaching training with 5,200 new hires and those with e -health nurses with 4,900. Good news for owners of graduation . Granting to the study of UnionCamere, currently the most sought after degree by companies that scope is the administrative and commercial in which there are 48,300 recruitments, followed by tourism and hotel with 41,400 and 20,200 with the mechanical one.

In particular, 2014 saw the hiring boom in tourism and hotel sector (34,000), almost 10,400 more than last year. Next, the address mechanic (9,100) and social health (8.600). Nevertheless, still if the qualification has its importance to enter the world of work, we must see that in the last year has increased by one percentage point the request of experience along the theatrical role of businesses, in 2014, affecting 57.2% of the hiring seasonal and non-seasonal scheduled against 56.1% in 2013 compared to last year is mainly increased the percentage of hires with experience reserved for graduates: 65.6% versus 62.9% last year.

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