The Yen and yang of Cloudflare. It’s still in BETA

I have been beta testing Cloudflare with my Site for the past few weeks to 2 months.   I wanted to talk about this a little more for those of you who might be interested or want even more information about it.  So let’s start off the concept of what Cloudflare is and why Iam using this service!!

Cloudflare Helps fights hackers, scrapers, and spam!

I don’t say this lightly, ever since I started using this service I have found that my spam levels and hits are lower, which is to be expected.  Most people who have websites will get a boost of speed and reliability just by using this service.   I  like the fact that this is an open source project from using the database from Project Honey Pot.

In a way Cloudflare, is one of those services that will greatly make your site more user friendly.     It basically checks with Project Honey Pot to find IP‘s or bots that are known spammers and scrappers and asks them to verify they are human!!

Cloudflare is still BETA Some what!!

As you know even being in Beta, it can still have problems left and right.   I have seen where this websites and others were down for an hour because of a cascading failure in the DNS servers.   This is to be expected and, hopefully everything that happens they figure out how to better serve the community.   I have no problem with something like that happens, it is bound to happen to the biggest companies.   So I don’t want to hear people complaining.   I do think they will solve the problems and this will be even better service that it has been!

The Nice thing about this service is they are intergrated into Hostgator, Use the coupon code “CLOUDFLARE10” and get hosting for just a penny for the first month.   Great way to test out the new feature and also this service and find out just how useful this can be.

Have a Good Friday,  See you Monday!


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