7 Key Things That Your Squeeze Page Should Have

In my last post in this series I told you about the tools that you will need for affiliate marketing success. One of the reasons that you obtained the tools was so that you could build your list – a key to your online success. There is an additional thing that you need to do before you start using the tools.

You need to create or obtain something that you can giveaway – an ebook, some software, an ecourse, etc. An excellent source of free ebooks is Viral Ebook Explosion Once you have a giveaway product, you need to build a squeeze page.

This is simply a tool to help you get the name and email address of prospective buyers. It is also called an opt-in page because its primary purpose is to get people to opt into your list as a subscriber.

One of the tools I mentioned was a program to build web pages. If you know HTML, you are set to go. If not I recommended CoffeeCup HTML Editor. This is a WYSIWYG editor that allows you to build web pages without knowing much HTML.

That’s what your squeeze page will be – just a website that you put on the internet for people to visit, but it is a powerful tool for your list building efforts.

There are many things that you could build into your squeeze page, and just having a squeeze page on the web is not all that you need in order to get your list started. In later post I will look at some of the other things that you will need to put into place, including some additional web pages.

For now, let’s look at 7 things your squeeze must have.

1. Only one action.

As I have already stated you want to get the name of email address of your visitors. So don’t make any other options available. Of course they can always leave your web page. However, your task is to convince them to fill out the opt-in form that you have placed on the page.

2. The opt-in form.

This is a form that provides a place for your visitor to enter their name and email address. Then behind the scene, action takes place, via your autoresponder, to add then to your list. Preferably, this form will be visible without the visitor having to scroll down the page: i.e., above the fold as it is known.

3. Brevity.

You don’t want an excessive amount of information on this web page. Just put enough information here to get your message across and convince the reader that he needs to add your free offer to his arsenal of internet marketing information/tools.

4. Make the fact that your offer is free standout.

Tell the visitor how the information available in the free item will help him in his efforts. Emphasize the benefits and that these benefits are free by filling out the opt-in form.  Show him what he can expect to gain if he takes this action.

5. No spam.

In a perfect world this step would not be necessary. But…

Somewhere close to your opt-in form, you need to inform your visitors that you will never spam. In addition, you will not sell or giveaway their contact information. This must be a fact that you never violate.

6. High quality content.

Since you are asking your visitors to become subscribers, you need to let them know that you will provide good quality content and that you will only recommend quality products.

7. Identify yourself.

You can do this by including your name on the page. Other options are your signature, your picture, etc. Something that they can connect with to know that you are a real person.

Now, there are other aspects of a good squeeze page. You could add video, audio, etc.

The important thing to note is that building this squeeze page is essential to your affiliate marketing success. If you don’t have it already get a copy of my free ebook: The Squeeze Page – A List Building Tool and get start today.

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