8 basic tips that will help to increase the traffic of your blog

Let’s say a couple of things about blogs as there are still some of us who might not yet cleared up the real meaning of blogging. First we need to need to say that a blog does not always mean that it should be a personal webpage. For instance in our days we have cases of well known online newspapers using blogs inside their main websites to offer better interaction of their authors with their audiences. Therefore, today there are numerous other uses of blogs which have driven them away from just being a personal matter.

In spite this fact, blogging mainly remains and will remain for many years to come a personal matter. As I have mentioned in previous articles the fact that blogging is a one man/woman show, causes difficulties to its owner in his/her efforts to promote his/her blog in order to attract satisfactory traffic.

However, there numerous simple digital marketing techniques that can be very helpful when trying to attract traffic. Here below I name 8 simple ways:

1. On page Optimization of your blog

Organic traffic remains and will always remain the most valuable source of attracting web traffic. If you devoutly get involved into constructing a blog that will obey all the white hat on-page search engine optimization techniques you will have many possibilities of succeeding high volumes of organic traffic.

2. Twitter

Many would disagree with me for placing Twitter over Facebook, however from my personal experience Twitter has better results than Facebook in the efforts to attract targeted traffic for a blog. You will be amazed how easily people follow twitter accounts when they share the same interests. Here are the steps you need to follow:

– Fist you need to set up a Twitter account.
– Follow other accounts (try to choose personal accounts rather than websites) with the same interests as with your website.
– Try to keep a balance with following and being followed as you can easily be inactivated by Twitter for over-following.
– If you followed too many and there is no mutual response use automated tools to unfollow those that do not follow you. Manageflitter is a great tool to use for this purpose.
– Start Twitting your posts as early as possible and keep track of your blog visitors through Twitter.
– Keep trying to attract more followers. The more the more visits you get when you twit posts.

3. Facebook and other social media

I definitely recommend the use of Facebook and any other possible social medias you can get your hands on. The use of Facebook is not as easy as may look however the traffic results in the long term might be very valuable for any type of blog. The main disadvantage I experienced with Facebook (and other social media I used until now, apart from Twitter) is that is too tricky to attract targeted traffic something which has its own flaws in the pursue for targeted traffic boosting.

4. Sending Newsletters on regular basis

An effective digital marketing technique is to manage to convince your visitors to register on your blog’s newsletter. I personally use this technique with very good results. The main problem here is to convince your visitors that your material is worthwhile to follow as a loyal visitor. That is one more reason why your content should be unique and very useful. This way the visitor will register for the newsletters so that they can learn more from you. Make sure to use a user friendly widget to allow people to register easily. I personally use Mailchimp which is very handy and it is easy to create promotional campaigns for your blog. As long as you manage to collect enough registrations start a promotional campaign (preferably on a daily basis) sending to your followers news from your blog.

5. Organizing promotional competitions

People tend to love competitions even with small presents. If you manage to find a way to arrange a competition among your visitors, this will give extra value to your blog. One technique I used with very good results is the following. I asked my visitors to submit through email their own thoughts/ideas one a certain subject. The best 5 won a price and most of those ideas were posted on my blog. With this way I attracted more visitors (and ultimately loyal visitors) and at the same time I got very good and unique content for my blog.

6. Keep contact with your audience

One very important thing that you need always to remember (especially when you are applying marketing techniques) is that human beings love attention. Try to keep track of what your visitors are looking for and try give it them. Do not hesitate to personalize. If you show your visitor that you really care about his/her wants and needs be sure that you won one more loyal visitor and many other that he/she will bring with him/her. Always respond to comments (excluding spam), good and bad.

7. Create allies

A very successful traffic boosting technique I personally use is the creation of valuable allies with other websites. This does not only mean websites in the same field as your blog. On the contrary, a co-operation with a multithematic website can send you considerable traffic numbers every day. For example let’s say that you own a fashion blog and you are posting daily fashion news and other related material. You can contact online newspapers or similar websites and offer to send them on a daily basis a post in the field of your blogs’ interest. This way the other websites could build a special fashion section and in return you could ask them to post a visible link to your side or even better a small banner to promote your blog to their visitors.

8. Create an app

Apps are highly trending nowadays and everybody is searching for them. Therefore, you could use your RSS feed to create an android app (or other types of apps) for your blog and post it on the different markets. People who will download your application to their gadgets most probably will visit your website in many occasions.

I know from my own experience that it is very time consuming and almost impossible to adopt all the above digital marketing techniques at the same time. However, if you construct a well planned schedule you can start utilizing them step by step and one by one keeping track of the traffic changes for you blog.


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