Top 10 TOEFL Writing Tips

There are many ways to improve your TOEFL writing. The best way to improve writing is by practice. Best Writing techniques are taught at linguaSoft EduTech, Chandigarh. The following are the best tips to improve TOEFL writing.

Use short and simple sentences

The best way to express complex ideas is in a very simple way. If you are able to do this, you will reveal strong writing skills. More importantly, simple and short sentences mean fewer grammatical errors.

Arrange your essay properly

Know the exact TOEFL essay structure. Your essay should have an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. This structure helps to systematize your thoughts and makes it easier for readers to understand.

Answer the question

Your grammar and your ideas may be great. It does not matter if you don’t answer the TOEFL question, if the question asks for your opinion, be sure to write about what you think. Do not write about what other people think. If the question is about what other people assume or do, do not write about you.

Use topic sentences

A topic sentence is the first sentence of each paragraph in the essay’s body. It gives the reader a summary of what will be in the paragraph, and the reason that supports your thesis statement.

Have a thesis statement

The thesis statement is the most significant sentence in the essay. It is last sentence in the first paragraph means introduction, and it tells the reader exactly what your view is. Not writing a thesis statement is one of the main mistakes you can make.

Know what the conditionals are

Learning the conditionals can help you more than studying the tenses. Conditionals are especially helpful when expressing opinions and giving reasons, two things that you must do in the TOEFL independent writing tasks. Each conditional, however, has a different meaning. This depends on reality, possibility, and time. Learn to use the conditionals, and practice them. Not using the conditionals correctly is one of the most common mistakes in TOEFL essays.

Use transitional phrases and words

If you want to make your writing easier to understand, use transitional words and phrases. They connect ideas and present them to the reader in a consistent order. These are the few examples, First of all, furthermore, more importantly, to conclude, In conclusion.

Never begin a sentence with a conjunction

The words and, but, and, or, nor, for, yet, so and because are all conjunctions. In English, we use conjunctions to connect sentences. Never begin a sentence with conjunction.

Use Active Voice

There are two “voices” in English which are active and passive. Use the active voice as much as possible. The active voice is better than the passive voice.

Active: I cook food

Passive: Food is cooked by me.

Learn how to use the comma in English

f you use the comma correctly, it will enhance your piece of writing. The good thing is that various languages use the comma. The rules for using the comma are often different in each language. Learn the rules for using comma in English. Your writing will be easier to understand.


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