Top 10 Most Expensive Yacht in the World

For every sailing purpose there is an extreme enthusiast, and there is no more superb felling then that to have a comfort travel through water waves with protection of luggage. The world most expensive yacht list is here for you.

1. History supreme

The owner of this supreme yacht is not clear but though it is owned by a Malaysian owner and it worth $ 4.8 billion. It is also called Baia supreme lavishly designed with 10,000 kilograms of platinum and gold.

2. Eclipse

This marvellous yacht is owned by a Roman Abramovich’s. It cost approximately worth $1.2 billion. There is a missile detection device and an anti-bugging system. The lucky guest can enjoy a mini submarine. There is base for two helicopters. It is just a dramatic yacht. It seems that a whole world is enclosed in this astonishing yacht.

3. Streets of Monaco

In the world most expensive yacht list there comes from the England Island. This ship is extremely beautiful and consists of swimming pools and helicopters surrounded by fresh greenery. The features of Streets of Monaco are very. It just looks like a whole city enclosed within a ship just look like the streets of Monaco. This luxurious ship is very special to the residents of it providing them the true taste of the fabulous travel through water waves.

4. Dubai

This fabulous yacht is also known as platinum 525.This cost $ 350 million vessel is owned by sheikh of Dubai. It was also known as the golden star. It contains swimming pools, glass stair case and a helipad. This ship was originally commissioned for Brunel prince Jefri Bolkiah. The ship wasn’t completed until the sheikh came and provided necessary funding and made the ship to come to accomplish.

5. Super yacht A

The fifth most expensive yacht was built by Philippe Starck. It has a jaw dropping price tag of $323 million. It has a capacity of 14 guests and a crew of 42 people. After some repair in 2008 it was completed in 2009 and was delivered to the owner, a Russian billionaire Andrei Melnichnko.

6. Al said

This yacht project was called sunflower project and had a value of $300 million. The vessel consists of Aluminum superstructure. This vessel can manage up to 70 guests and can run a crew up to 154 people. The very interesting feature is that it has a concert hall and can manage people to large extent.

7. Dilbar

This yacht is owned by a Russian business man having a lot of wealth and status for luxurious yachts. It costs $263 million and has a capacity of 20 guests and is driven to private islands.

8. Al Mirqab

This ship is owned by a Qatar prime minister has a value of $250 million has a VIP room, helipad and a swimming pool. It comes in the counting of most fantastic yachts in the world.

9. Lady Moura

Having its name written on it with 24 karat gold has a price tag of $210 million. The things which make it special are its own sliding resort sliding out from the boat and have a number of palm trees in it.

10. The Rising Sun

The Rising Sun is owned by David Jeffen with a price tag of $200 million. There is a movie theater in this amazing yacht also helipad and much more things which make it marvelous. The Length of this ship is 138m and this yacht was designed by Jon Bannenberg and was built by Germany’s Lürssen.

These were the top 10 most expensive yacht in the world. Hope this information is enough for your general knowledge. Please comment if you want to know anything else about these most expensive yachts of world.

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