7 Tips to Avoid Hotel Bed Bugs

Taking home, a souvenir is a nice way to remember a trip, unless you end up taking ones that crawl. Bed bugs are small and can easily travel, making it imperative that you are aware of the risks and how to minimize them. Avoid having hotel bed bugs invade your travels by noting these seven tips.


Go online and peruse reviews left by other guests. Do take into consideration that those leaving messages aren’t held accountable for what they write, but reviews can allow for insight if bed bugs tend to be a recurring issue with the establishment in question.


Prior to booking, call ahead and ask directly whether they take any preventive measures in regards to bed bugs. Establishments that take a proactive approach to the issue are less likely to face an invasion and are often quicker to respond to problems that do arise.


Even if you don’t see telltale signs of bed bugs, this doesn’t mean there isn’t a possibility they are present. The last thing you want to do is be too confident and end up taking an infestation home with you. Keep your suitcase wrapped in plastic to provide additional protection. This will not only assist in keeping your items protected while in hotel rooms , but also when in transit on public transportation where bed bugs can also be traveling.


There are usually fewer bed bugs located in the bathroom of an infested room than in the main living space. Therefore, it is best to leave your bags in the bathroom until you have been able to confirm the room is sans bugs.


Pull back all sheets and blankets from the mattress and take a close look at space beneath as well as behind the bed. Closely examine the corners as well as the seams of the bed for the tiny bug. However, the sleeping area is not the only place to check out. Include an inspection of cushions and soft seating in the room or closet, as well.


Once you have brought your luggage into the room, keep it raised to ensure no bugs find their way into it. While you may not have seen any signs in your room upon arrival, this doesn’t mean the small bugs can’t enter your room from next door while you are checked in. Utilize a luggage rack, if available, or place bags on a dresser or desk. Avoid setting them on the bed or other furniture, and be sure to keep clothes picked up, as well.


If you begin itching, inspect your skin for bite marks that occur in threes and in a line. If you see this, immediately request a different room multiple floors away. The bugs can easily move to rooms above and below due to their small size, so it is best to move a significant distance.

While bed bugs are a possibility, this doesn’t mean your hotel is bound to have them. Take proper care to ensure the absence of bugs early on, then relax and get a good night’s sleep.

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