Amazing Results Marketing “Done for You” for your Real Estate Investing

I struggled mightily in the beginning years of my real estate investing career until I completely realized and understood the one thing that all business people need to know …

I paid over $60,000.00 dollars to learn every aspect of real estate investing. I knew it front, back and side ways and still struggled with getting consistent leads on a monthly basis. I was still making really good money but until I realized …

I could be the most knowledgeable real estate investor in the world and still be broke if I didn’t have prospects contacting me consistently.

I was making a lot of money when I first started investing only to realize I was wasting much of it on bad marketing. I thought the more marketing I did the more leads I’d receive. “Boy was I wrong”. I bought several books and again started going to several seminars on marketing and the …


The second BIGGEST thing I’ve learned. If you’re marketing with the same message as everyone else (We Buy Houses) then you don’t stand a chance in hell of dominating your market place and you’re wasting thousands of dollars every month.

I’ve learned over the years that the Investors with fat piggy banks are those who are able to craft a compelling message that gets people to respond to their message. I’ve had investors pay me $400.00 dollars to craft them a sequence letter that gets foreclosure prospects to respond.

A lot of my students have asked me… why do some investors thrive while others flounder? Well, two things come to mind. Number One is “Education” most people look at educating themselves as a cost instead of an investment. It’s the same with marketing. I don’t look at marketing my business as an expense but as an investment.

Number Two … the successful investor realizes that their marketing is the most important part of their business. Think about it. It doesn’t matter how much knowledge you have or whether you’re a big company or a small company, if you can’t get prospect to respond, you’ll soon be out of business.

I had so many students asking for letters I decided to write a few of the best handwritten letters that I and several other investors tested. The hand written letters are meant to be personalized for the highest response possible. I’ve also included several postcards that can go to anyone.

The best possible lists that a real estate investor can mail to are people who need our services. So I’ve put together the letters to go specifically to these people who need what we have to offer.

No more guess work on your part.

Everything is done for you so you only need to add your own information and start making more money immediately without spending a fortune.

Why handwritten letters?

Hand written letters to a specific prospect will pull a 5.2% better response than a plain typed letter. It’s been tested year after year and the handwritten letter wins every time.

Why would I want to send several letters to the same prospect?

Again, you must always look at what other investors are doing in your area and do the complete opposite in order to get noticed and stand out. That’s what these letters do “Stand Out”. You want your prospects to remember you when they do decide to call. Think about it. If you received three letters from someone would you not remember them more-so than someone who only sent you one letter?

Of course this is not theory; this has been tested time and time again. If you want the best response you’ll mail a sequence letter to the same prospects to get the best results. “The results are amazing”. Won’t I spend more money mailing a sequence letter? When you mail to a specific list like Pre-foreclosures, Expire listings, Probate, Evictions, Bankruptcy and Divorces are all specific targeted lists where we know for a fact that these people need our help. It’s much better to mail 3 times to a small list like the ones above than it is to mail once to 5000 people. You’ll get a better response and it will cost less.

First let me tell you exactly what you’ll receive.

* A Pre-Foreclosure sequence letter. This is no regular letter. This letter has a coffee stain on it. Why? Because who else is sending out letters with coffee stains on them? That’s right! Nobody. It stands out and gives you staying power. The sellers will NOT forget you. Best of all it works!

* An Expired Listings sequence letter. Who better to target than someone who wanted to sell a property and was unable to. This is my favorite list!

* A Military Letter. Our military is getting shipped off every other month and they need your help.

* Out of town owner’s letter. These people have more than one house and are usually landlords. We all know what happens to landlords after a while. Yes! landlord’s get burned out and need to sell a property that usually needs work.

* A Generic letter to anyone. This letter can go to anyone you choose to send it to.

* Postcards. You get three different postcards that can go to anyone.

* I’ve even showed you how to mail a cheap postcard from for only .27 cents.

* I’ve included exactly how to mail merge names into your handwritten letter so it’s easy as pie.

* I put all these handwritten letters on a word CD so you can mail merge names and put your own information in as needed.

* I put together some of the BEST newspaper ads for you to use.

* I also put together ads for “Private Lenders” I gave you the BEST way to set up your ads for road signs along with my personal sign guy. (He’s Cheap)

* You get my better than RISK FREE satisfaction guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied just return the marketing material within 12 months and receive a Full money back guarantee.

All this for only $197.00 dollars.

* Bonus #1 Two FREE months to my personal mastermind group. This group meets monthly on a live Teleconference line where I do a short training on numerous real estate and marketing ideas and a Q&A to jump start your business. My students pay $89.97 a month for this privilege. They then get the CD delivered to their front door just in case they missed the call. They also receive my complete library of contracts and forms that work anywhere. Total Value $179.94

* Bonus #2 You’ll receive at least a 30% discount to any live event. Total Value $500.00

Success is a choice,

Glen Andrews

P. S. Don’t forget you get my better than risk FREE satisfaction guarantee. If you’re NOT completely satisfied please return it and receive a full refund for up to 12 months No questions asked.

P.PS You get $679.94 in FREE bonuses just for trying us out. There’s only one catch. I want your results and testimonials. Fair enough?

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