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I acquired this game recently for $5. I’ve been wanting this game for a little while because I actually recognized the game from my youth. I thought it was Bart’s Nightmare, but it was actually this game. I have to say that this game is incredibly hard for me. I can only pass one stage so far (the tomato/egg throwing stage). I don’t know if I’ll ever pass all the stages just because I lose my patience very quickly, but you never know. The one thing I can give this game credit for is that you can go to the Practice Area and, well, practice. A bit better than Bart’s Nightmare where you just have to keep dying to keep trying stages. I took a picture of all the stages.

This is kinda your stage select screen. You’re spinning around a wheel and you press the A button and get a stage at random. The icon at the top changes between a corndog and a skull and crossbones. The Corndog gives you a life, the skull and crossbones takes a life. The rest are just the stages.

This is the only stage I can pass. The first part is throwing tomatoes. The characters just walk back and forth, no problem. Don’t hit any adults though, unless its Seymor. If you hit him while he’s wiggling his butt and get lives. The second part is eggs, but people are walking around in any direction they feel like. It’s much harder, but I can pass it. I like this stage. It’s fun. You have limited ammo, but it’s not that limited. And you have a timer as well.

This is the Mt. Splashmore stage. You go around the longest waterslide ever dodging people and other random objects. You have a timer and some of the turns you can choose take you to a blocked path, so you lose precious time. There’s clocks you can get that add a bit of time as well as a boogie board that makes you go faster. It’s not hard, but I always run into stuff so I haven’t passed it yet. I get close though. This stage you can only play once.

Bart looks so cute as a pig. This is Krusty’s Pork Factory. This stage is a maze. You have to go around finding keys and releasing other pigs. It’s a pain. I always run out of time. This stage has two different parts, so you can get it twice on the stage select screen. I have not made it to the second part yet, but I’ve seen it on Youtube.

I do not like this baby Bart stage. It’s so incredibly hard. You shoot your pacifier at bad guys, which a lot of them are hard to dodge, and you can float by making your diaper expand. You have to do a lot of doging and jumping and landing just right on objects. It’s just hard. I certainly cannot pass it.

This stage your Bartasaurus. You have to attack the rest of the family as well as a bunch of other baddies. This stage is easy to die on. I get close to passing it, but I just die, die, die. It’s fun to see the other Simpson’s characters and beating them up. You can jump on them or use your tail. You can also collect “rawrs” to use when you want to use them. I like this stage, but it aggrevates me.

Apocolyptic Bart stage, at least that’s what I call it. The power plant has blown up and now your rugged Bart. You have to dodge the normal bullies from the game by shooting stuff at them or kicking side to side. Once I figured out how to kick, the stage is much easier. But by the time I figured it out, I was pretty much dead. I’m sure if I tried it again I could beat it, but I haven’t tried again.

And there you have it. It’s a hard game. Very, very, very hard game. I don’t know if I’ll have the patience to beat it, but I’ll try.

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