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There are some of the enriching games which can certainly have the power to enhance the sophistication of your Android device. Thanks to FPS games, the market has witnessed one of the biggest craze which was not possible otherwise Hence, it necessitates you to know the list of 5 awesome FPS games for Android as they are responsible for making the biggest craze in the gaming industry. So, here goes the list of the best first person shooting games for Android that are right now available in the Play Store:


How can there be no mention of a game which is quite interesting in all respects and that is none other than Modern Combat 3. It has enriching combination of action and entertainment. The game is synonymous with increasing intensity and you can better know as you play such a great game. There are series of levels. The game necessitates you to fight through a 13 mission campaign which is indeed quite long. It extends from Los Angeles to Pakistan. It has the option of multiplayer where you can use as many as 12 players in one go in 7 different modes and in 6 maps. Great, isn’t it?


There is no dearth of “wow” moments in the game. It requires you to be at your best towards creating devastation. After all, you have the chance of making more points, if you happen to kill your opponents in a quick and convincing manner Although, as beginner, you might have to learn the intricacies in the beginning but playing this game becomes a child’s play as you are proficient later on.


This renowned game has awesome lighting effects, picturesque beauty along with pro voices. You are assured of heightened and everlasting fun and joy since there is an addition of new innovative levels. Thus, every level becomes even more coveted than never before. You need to be at your toes in order to counter the challenges posed by the enemies. This is indeed regarded to be quite an important exercise and you have to be extremely skillful as well.


This another awesome first person shooting game, which is available for free in the Google Play Store. You are the commando of a renegade attack, and your purpose of survival is to defeat the ruthless dictator in the state. The game equips up with some pretty interesting missions, with stretched up graphics and visuals. In the game, you can get access to different rifles, shotguns, snipers, rocket launchers and many other destructive weapons. Kill all the enemies, and take yourself towards victory.


The feature is presently available for Sony Ericsson, but it is going to be there for all Android users in a short span of time. The game is synonymous with series of explosions and violence. It is up to you to prepare the team of an Anti-squad so that you are able to counter the challenges. You need to be at complete peace while facing the challenges of your opponents or else it will prove to be a death knell for you.
Finally, after reading the aforesaid 5 awesome FPS games for Android, you are able to arm yourself with the updated, detailed and authentic information. It is all set to enhance your excitement, like the way you have always wanted as well. Now it’s over to you, if you know any other good FPS game that you often play on your Android device, then please don’t hesitate to share it with the readers of this blog.

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