Customer Service and 10 Facts About Me : Wedding Marketing Diva

If you read carefully you’ll find some never disclosed facts about this Diva.

I love photography that is being behind a camera not in front of it (Fact 1). Loving photography is quite handy when you live with a photographer(Fact 2).

Now I’m a course junkie (I love the Open University – Fact 3). A couple of years back I took the one and only Photography course that they run (Fact 4). Part of my portfolio work was a weathered chair with a potted bonsai in pride of place on the seat. It wasn’t a staged shot it was taken in my mother in law’s neighbours garden.

It has been manipulated through Photoshop and turned into a black and white shot with lots of noise (the grainy effect of 50′s photographs). I love that shot and have it framed and hung on my bedroom wall. I have now not so secret dreams of one day owning an internet retail store to rival Not On The High Street . (Fact 5).

A lot of this stems from the fact my Dad was both a keen amateur photographer and builder of great toy shops for me. My toy shop sold sweets, haberdashery, food and probably a lot more I’ve long since forgotten. I love shops (Fact 6).

Each year I say that I am going to sell at least one print – just to prove to myself that I can. This year I set it as a personal goal to sell one (Fact 7).

For sometime I’ve been investigating other ways to print it and had been looking into having it printed/etched on metal. The dream of the shop was getting closer. (Fact 8 as part of my business degree I completed a module on Retail Marketing and Management).

Then I discovered a company that could laser engrave the image on to metal. I knew just the place it would hang in my home. I envisioned the initial order of one followed by subsequent orders in their thousands (Fact 9 – why dream small – I always dream big). Send over image for appraisal and they will quote for engraving.

Well two laptops since the Photography course and the image was safely stored on Mr Divo’s computer. He duly found it for me and I eagerly sent off the image dreaming that at least 50% of 21st Century homes would have my work of art hanging on their walls.

Then I got the response! Now when I completed the form I explained I was a novice at all this. Hey Picasso must have started with the same daubs the rest of us did. I asked for advice. Would the image size work at A3? I wanted it on metal which did they think would work best? Remember I’ve been dreaming this for a while and was ready to turn that dream into reality. My credit card was so hot in anticipation it was practically self-combusting in my hands.

Then thud! I was brought back to earth with not even so much as a pleasantry they had replied.

They’d ignore my question about size, they clearly couldn’t be bothered to make any suggestions about the materials. In fact I wondered why I had bothered. (Fact 10 I hate poor Customer Service).

The moral of this story? I am now going to try having the image printed on to a metallic photographic paper. The cost will be considerably less meaning in theory if I ever open that shop 50% of 21st Century homes could have my artwork hanging on their walls. In the meantime one business has lost the potential for a lot of work through my ordering and recommending them.

Now to set up this shop …….

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